Akaroa Yacht Club Racing News

Season Opening

BBQ,  Sailpast and Opening Race
With the 2018/2019 racing season opening 4-weeks away I’m sure that boat crews are heavily into completion of winter maintenance to be ready for the start-line on 21 October!
The format for opening weekend is a little different this season with the social function on Saturday night (Timmy Richardson will fill in details later), and the traditional sailpast on Sunday approximately one hour prior to the race start at 1400hrs. The sailpast timing change has been made to hopefully increase participation. This is an opportunity for our new Commodore to salute the racers from the end of the jetty and to be sprayed with water bombs, etc  in return.
Race Programme
The programme for this season is below. Features include increasing the number of short races on the final day of each series from 2 to 3, and AYC hosting the Young 88 South Island Championships and Canterbury Keel boat Championships during March.
NB: All series are  grouped together and don’t necessarily follow from one weekend to the next. Refer to the race number in the left-hand column for next race in the series.
Race Day Date Time Race Type
20th Oct 1800 Official opening function
Sun 21st Oct 1300 Club Sailpast
Black Cat Cruises Series (Races 1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
1 Sun 21st Oct 1400 Season Opener
2 Sun 28th  Oct 1400 Harbour
3 Sun 4th  Nov 1400 Harbour
4 Sun 11th  Nov 1300 Long Harbour
5, 6,7 Sun 18th  Nov 1300 3 Sprint Races
Oborn’s Nautical Series (Races  9, 10, 12, 21, 22, 23, 24)
9 Sun 25th  Nov 1400 Harbour
10 Sun 2nd Dec 1400 Harbour
12 Sun 16th Jan 1400 Harbour
21 Sun 20th  Jan 1300 Long  Harbour
22, 23,24 Sun 27th  Jan 1300 3 Sprint Races
Junior Race Day/Round the Buoys
13 Thur 27th  Dec 1400 Harbour
Wynn Williams Lawyers Two Handed Series (Races 8, 20, 27)
8 Sat 24th  Nov 1400 Harbour
20 Sat 19th  Jan 1400 Harbour
27 Sat 16th  Feb 1400 Harbour
Grand Hotel Coastal Series (Races 11, 19, 33)
11 Sun 9th  Dec 1200 Peraki
19 Sun 19th Jan 1200 Pompeys
33 Sun 17th  March 1200 Course Set on day
The Guthrey Plate
14 Sun 1st  Jan 1300 Heads Race
Akaroa Dolphins Four Race Regatta (Races15, 16, 17, 18)
15 Sat 5th  Jan 1300 Harbour
16 Sat 5th  Jan To Follow Harbour
17 Sun 6th  Jan 1300 Harbour
18 Sun 6th Jan To Follow Harbour
Louvre Solutions (Races 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31)
25 Sun 3rd  Feb 1400 Harbour
26 Sun 10th  Feb 1400 Harbour
28 Sun 17th  Feb 1400 Harbour
29, 30, 31 Sun 24th  Feb 1300 3 Sprint Races
Invitation Race
32 Sun 3th  Mar 1400 Harbour
Young 88 South Island Champs
Sat Sun 2nd 3th  Mar 1000 Regatta
President’s Cup Canterbury Keelboat Champs
Sat Sun 9th, 10 th  Mar 1000 Regatta
Ca Bouge Ladies Skippers Race
34 Sun 24th Mar 1400 Harbour
Bayleys Real Estate Series (Races 35, 36, 37, 41, 42, 43, 44)
35 Sun 31 th  March 1400 Harbour
36 Sun 7th  April 1300 Harbour
37 Sun 14th  April 1300 Long Harbour
41 Sun 22 April 1300 Harbour
42, 43, 44 Sun 29 April 1200 3 Sprint Races
Brownies Mattress Direct Easter Three Race Regatta (Races 38, 39, 40)
38 Sun 21st  April 1100 Harbour
39 Sun 21st April To Follow Harbour
40 Sun 21st  April To Follow Harbour
Akaroa Butchery & Deli Winter Series (Races 45, 46, 47, 48)
45 Sun 12th  May 1300 Harbour
46 Sun 19th  May 1300 Harbour
47 Sun 26th  May 1300 Harbour
48 Sat 1st June 1300 Harbour
AGM Sunday 2nd  June 1100
Prizegiving Sunday 2nd  June 1800
  1. Infringement of Racing Rules – Skippers are required to be fully conversant with the Racing Rules of Sailing, and associated penalties on the water
  2. Coastal Series– Races 4, 19, and 33 will require Category 4 Safety Standard
  3. Club Trophy Series – Long Harbour Races 4, 21, and 37
  4. Club Championship- includes the following races only: Black Cat Cruises Series, Oborn’s Nautical Series, Louvre Solutions Series, Bayley’s Real Estate Series, and Coastal Series races 4 and 19 except that race 33 can be an alternate if either race 4 or race 19 are cancelled


The race results will be once again based on PHRF handicaps as determined by YNZ, and racers will require current certificates to be eligible. Applications for revalidated certificates can be easily made on the YNZ website at https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/node/24438 and are processed within 10 working days.
The following boats have current certificates:
Armalite- 0.723
First Class- 0.720
Forty-Four- 0.810
Lightly Oiled- 0.737
Meltdown- 0.739
Regardless- 0.777
Partly Cloudy- 0.728
A number of new courses have been included in the handbook for this season particularly shorter courses. Also existing course numbers have altered in some cases so be sure to refer to the 2018-2019 Handbook
The safety restriction on racing in the Sailing Instructions have been revised to clarify that racing will not commence if average wind speeds are 30kts or greater. It should be noted that the ultimate responsibility to compete in a race is the skipper’s and likewise if wind strengths increase to exceed the limit during a race each skipper is responsible to decide whether to continue racing.


That is all for now and we look forward to seeing a good turnout for the sailpast and opening race on 21st October